The end of 2012 went by in a blur!

We successfully (115%) completed our Kickstarter campaign for DVD duplication on December 9th... and then hurriedly sent out our master and cover art to Disc Makers!  Crunch time came when the holidays were knocking on the door and we had DVDs and t-shirts to deliver, but we did it.  So many clever pictures from our backers as they received their packages.  We loved them all, and posted them on our Facebook page, so be sure to check them out.

The holidays came and went.  The Christmas decorations are "almost" all put away.  And, after a big sigh of relief (see our reviews) and a big breath of 2013 air, we now move to the next step ----> getting our movie out there.  We'll be launching on numerous platforms.  So keep your eyes open for us... we are coming soon!