It's official.  It IS no dream.  It's real.

Nerve-wracking... exciting... terrifying.  You just never know what to expect when you finally release your movie to the public.  You hold your breath and wait for the first laugh... first gasp... first groan... first sniffle.  And they all came.  And then some.  And, in the end... it was a truly magical event.

Thank you to all who attended.  We will post comments and reviews here as they come in... :)

Steven Stanley, StagesceneLA:  
Melissa Fahn lights up the big screen in a beautifully nuanced, utterly engaging star performance in Tick Tock Boom Clap, and she couldn't have a better leading man than Sam Zeller, Captain Hook to her Peter Pan in this backstage romantic comedy with heart. The film has a professional look that belies what was surely a shoestring budget. Supporting cast performances are uniformly fine, and I loved the original song score by Joel Alpers. Kudos to writer Sara Pedri and co-directors Sara and Jason Pedri. So glad I got to see its World Premiere screening tonight.

Michael Milligan:  "Saw the premiere last night and was amazed at the power it had over me. It's such a terrific movie. Ton's of heart. Bravo!!"