We are over-the-moon excited to announce that we will be premiering at the Laemmle Music Hall 3 in Beverly Hills
Monday, August 20, at 7:30pm

More details to follow!


We've been tweaking and re-tweaking... swapping scenes... adding music... and now we have a film that no one (and I do mean no one) has seen in its entirety yet.  8 months after the first screening for cast/crew, I'll be watching what I truly hope will be the FINAL version.  Crossing fingers! 

We're still proceeding in self-distribution mode.  Looking at an official premiere/launch theatrical screening some time in late Summer / Fall, at a very limited number of select locations.  Locations near and dear to Tick Tock Boom Clap, so that actors & crew can invite friends and family to view what they worked so hard on.

And that's about it... for now..... :)