It is with a very heavy heart that I share the news that Charlie passed away on Thursday.

This newspaper clipping of Charlie & Arthur Duncan is from the 1972 Napa Town & Country Fairgrounds, where a life-long memory was created for him... and for me.  Almost 40 years later, I was able to locate Charlie, and we talked for hours about that fair, about our moms who were always backstage supporting us, about his amazing stories... about life.  And we talked about this picture, of which he has the 8x10 black & white, which he got signed by Mr. Duncan many years later.

At the end of our first phone conversation, he said, "I know our moms are looking down on us right now and smiling."

After he read the script, he graciously agreed to fly out to Rohnert Park and play himself in the movie. We talked. We laughed. We danced in the lobby during a break.

He had always been an amazing dancer and teacher, but he was also a genuinely kind, down-to-earth man who will be sorely missed and never forgotten by the many people whose lives he touched.  My thoughts go out to his family and friends.

His cameo at the end of the movie had always been poignant to me. It is even more so now.

It's been awhile since I've posted.  Things move QUITE slowly in the self-distribution world... :)

BUT... we are now streaming globally via VHX.tv!  You can find the link on our home page.  It's not a store front set-up, like Netflix, where we are listed with other romantic comedies, so people need to know about us BEFORE looking for a movie to watch.  We're still contemplating Netflix, etc. for a store-front, but it's pricey.

Next up:  Continuing to spread the word that we are out here!  Not an easy task, and we are very grateful to everyone who has watched / shared / commented / reviewed / recommended.  Recommendations are awesome.  Thanks!
The end of 2012 went by in a blur!

We successfully (115%) completed our Kickstarter campaign for DVD duplication on December 9th... and then hurriedly sent out our master and cover art to Disc Makers!  Crunch time came when the holidays were knocking on the door and we had DVDs and t-shirts to deliver, but we did it.  So many clever pictures from our backers as they received their packages.  We loved them all, and posted them on our Facebook page, so be sure to check them out.

The holidays came and went.  The Christmas decorations are "almost" all put away.  And, after a big sigh of relief (see our reviews) and a big breath of 2013 air, we now move to the next step ----> getting our movie out there.  We'll be launching on numerous platforms.  So keep your eyes open for us... we are coming soon!
World Premiere, Northern California Premiere, and New York City Premiere- DONE!
So, what's next?

We have a writer from Examiner.com who will be writing articles about our journey and our movie - YAY!

And we're launching our Kickstarter campaign for our first run of DVD duplications!  It should be up soon, so check back here for the link.  Campaign deadline is December 8th, so we can try to get the  rewards to you by Christmas. 

And... well, we'll see where we stand after the Kickstarter campaign. 

We were in NYC right before Hurricane Sandy.  In fact, we have before/after pictures of where we were standing in Weehawken.  The before picture has us smiling and enjoying the lovely sunshine.  The after picture shows a sailboat on the sidewalk.  The images coming from the East were heart-wrenching.  Our hearts are still with NY/NJ right now.
It's official.  It IS no dream.  It's real.

Nerve-wracking... exciting... terrifying.  You just never know what to expect when you finally release your movie to the public.  You hold your breath and wait for the first laugh... first gasp... first groan... first sniffle.  And they all came.  And then some.  And, in the end... it was a truly magical event.

Thank you to all who attended.  We will post comments and reviews here as they come in... :)

Steven Stanley, StagesceneLA:  
Melissa Fahn lights up the big screen in a beautifully nuanced, utterly engaging star performance in Tick Tock Boom Clap, and she couldn't have a better leading man than Sam Zeller, Captain Hook to her Peter Pan in this backstage romantic comedy with heart. The film has a professional look that belies what was surely a shoestring budget. Supporting cast performances are uniformly fine, and I loved the original song score by Joel Alpers. Kudos to writer Sara Pedri and co-directors Sara and Jason Pedri. So glad I got to see its World Premiere screening tonight.

Michael Milligan:  "Saw the premiere last night and was amazed at the power it had over me. It's such a terrific movie. Ton's of heart. Bravo!!"

We are over-the-moon excited to announce that we will be premiering at the Laemmle Music Hall 3 in Beverly Hills
Monday, August 20, at 7:30pm

More details to follow!


We've been tweaking and re-tweaking... swapping scenes... adding music... and now we have a film that no one (and I do mean no one) has seen in its entirety yet.  8 months after the first screening for cast/crew, I'll be watching what I truly hope will be the FINAL version.  Crossing fingers! 

We're still proceeding in self-distribution mode.  Looking at an official premiere/launch theatrical screening some time in late Summer / Fall, at a very limited number of select locations.  Locations near and dear to Tick Tock Boom Clap, so that actors & crew can invite friends and family to view what they worked so hard on.

And that's about it... for now..... :)
It's been 6 months since the cast/crew screening.  More revisions completed.  Numerous test screenings.  Lots of positive feedback.  And now it's time to pick a date and let her fly!

What I've learned?  There are literally thousands of new films out there.  And getting your film noticed is really, really hard.  So, we've been updating the website, tweeting about it, and hitting Facebook.  We're putting it out there and hoping you'll do the same.  The old shampoo commercial is very accurate:  you tell a friend, they tell a friend, and so on, and so on, and so on...

We're working on a new trailer and will be adding a director's interview to the website soon.  Plus keep your eyes open for press releases!

Thanks for following us!

What a surreal experience!  To see your movie on the "big screen".  You sit in the dark, surrounded by a loving, supportive group of people, but you still feel extremely terrified!  But people laughed... and people cried... all in the right places and at the right times... yahoo!

Held at the Reading Cinemas / Rohnert Park 16 on Sunday, Oct. 23.  Red carpet photos can be seen on our Facebook movie page, Tick Tock Boom Clap.

Thanks to everyone who attended and who helped make TTBC such a wonderful experience for us!
Maybe it's not cool to sound like a first-timer, but, hey... we ARE first-timers!  So every little step is new and takes your breath away.  I'm basically not that cool... so I'm gonna relish EVERY moment of the ride!  :)

Got everything done in time to make our first early deadline submission.  Takes awhile to compress 2 hours into a Quicktime file.  And then it takes even longer to upload... especially with 2 internet disconnects.  And then there's the processing time.  But it finally went "live"... and, a few days later, we had an IMDb title page!  Now, the page is totally incomplete... but it's THERE!  And, although there are millions of other films listed, it's pretty darn exciting.

I have my list of other film festivals to enter for Spring 2012.  But we have a little more audio correction to do prior to entering those.  We hadn't considered that a screener might be wearing headphones... and although we didn't hear anything wrong during the 100's of times we watched on 3 computers and 6 TV's... well, with headphones, you can hear EVERYTHING... including that very, very distant "Cut!" that's not supposed to be there!  As Homer Simpson would say... "D'oh!"  Gotta tell ya... it was 4:00am when I heard it... and it felt like someone had kicked me in the gut.  But we're on it... we're gonna fix it... and we'll be good to go for all the future festival submissions.

BTW, thank you, BabelFish!  Was a little stumped when asked for a short synopsis in French.  High school French was a LONG time ago.  So although I could get only the tagline to make sense (English to French to English will lose something in the translations), at least I look like I tried!  :)~