World Premiere, Northern California Premiere, and New York City Premiere- DONE!
So, what's next?

We have a writer from who will be writing articles about our journey and our movie - YAY!

And we're launching our Kickstarter campaign for our first run of DVD duplications!  It should be up soon, so check back here for the link.  Campaign deadline is December 8th, so we can try to get the  rewards to you by Christmas. 

And... well, we'll see where we stand after the Kickstarter campaign. 

We were in NYC right before Hurricane Sandy.  In fact, we have before/after pictures of where we were standing in Weehawken.  The before picture has us smiling and enjoying the lovely sunshine.  The after picture shows a sailboat on the sidewalk.  The images coming from the East were heart-wrenching.  Our hearts are still with NY/NJ right now.