Music is an integral part of a movie.  In some cases, it helps carry the storyline with its lyrics and composition.  In other cases, it simply stays in the background (underscore), puts the audience in a "mood", and helps the movie flow.  Procuring music is often tough for an indie due to budget limitations.

Thanks to dear friends and colleagues, TTBC has eight original songs - some making their music world debut.  And the song titles themselves could serve as a brief synopsis for the movie!

Sara at the Fair - Joel Alpers
For the Taking - The Pat Jordan Band
I've Been Here Before - Joel Alpers
Break the Dam - Marco Cuevas, Mike Sloat, Julia Page, Sara & Jason Pedri
Party Girl - Aqua Nett
You're the One for Me - Aqua Nett
Fly by Night - Joel Alpers
What Will Be - The Pat Jordan Band

In addition, we were able to locate some great creative commons licensed music, also with TTBC-related titles:

Broadway Big Wig
Hot Swing
Gaslamp Funworks
Scheming Weasel
Things Will Work Out
... and my find last night:  Three Year Old Captain.  Aaarrrrgggghhhh... :)

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