So, it's 12:10am.   The last day of shooting starts with loading the equipment at 8:15am.  We did 99% of the shooting back in January and February, but this flashback scene has been brewing for 3 years, and we've been waiting for a perfect location, perfect weather, and perfect "littles", i.e. Little Sara and Little Charlie.

And although it's a fun little scene... fairgrounds talent show 1972... it is one of the more emotionally difficult for me.  You see... I'm currently sewing my own costume's 40-year-old fringe and sequins onto a new leotard for Little Sara... something my mom did for me back then.  And I'm going to be "recreating" me and my mom from that day.  Although I have to keep my own emotions locked down so as not to startle the children... I do need to give enough of my heart to have the scene play for you, the viewer.  How exactly does one tell someone, "My mom was like this" and then watch it acted out... without yearning for your mother's hug?

P.S.  I sure miss you, Mom and Dad... 

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