Maybe it's not cool to sound like a first-timer, but, hey... we ARE first-timers!  So every little step is new and takes your breath away.  I'm basically not that cool... so I'm gonna relish EVERY moment of the ride!  :)

Got everything done in time to make our first early deadline submission.  Takes awhile to compress 2 hours into a Quicktime file.  And then it takes even longer to upload... especially with 2 internet disconnects.  And then there's the processing time.  But it finally went "live"... and, a few days later, we had an IMDb title page!  Now, the page is totally incomplete... but it's THERE!  And, although there are millions of other films listed, it's pretty darn exciting.

I have my list of other film festivals to enter for Spring 2012.  But we have a little more audio correction to do prior to entering those.  We hadn't considered that a screener might be wearing headphones... and although we didn't hear anything wrong during the 100's of times we watched on 3 computers and 6 TV's... well, with headphones, you can hear EVERYTHING... including that very, very distant "Cut!" that's not supposed to be there!  As Homer Simpson would say... "D'oh!"  Gotta tell ya... it was 4:00am when I heard it... and it felt like someone had kicked me in the gut.  But we're on it... we're gonna fix it... and we'll be good to go for all the future festival submissions.

BTW, thank you, BabelFish!  Was a little stumped when asked for a short synopsis in French.  High school French was a LONG time ago.  So although I could get only the tagline to make sense (English to French to English will lose something in the translations), at least I look like I tried!  :)~
8/11/2013 08:25:20 pm

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8/12/2013 08:51:17 am

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